Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bring Back the '50s and '60s...

…or at least one small item from that era: CIA targeted assassinations. Hugo Chavez is but one of many that need a small caliber bullet to the back of the head… and he should be first on the list. I watched that blithering idiot (literally!) give his UN speech this morning and couldn’t believe my eyes. Or my ears. It simply boggles the mind that a man so obviously deranged could lead anyone or anything, let alone a nation sitting on vast oil reserves right here in our own hemisphere. And this guy just loves Imadinnerjacket. And Cindy Sheehan just loves Hugo. So, why mention SWWNBN? Because she’s a moonbat. And other moonbats are out in force over at the Democratic Underground, singing the praises of Hugo. Ace has some fine quotes from that cesspool…I’m just not gonna go there.

One final note. Hugo The Strange gives Noam Chomsky a plug by holding up one of the Chomsker’s books during his speech. Moonbat sales are sure to explode.

Others with great comment: The Political Pitbull, The Anchoress, and Lorie Byrd at Wizbang.

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