Thursday, July 27, 2006

How I Spent My Day…

It rained most all day; I didn’t go out. I spent my time turning over rocks to see what would crawl out. Amazing creepy-crawlies!


  1. Good heavens, Buck. What you won't get up to on a rainy day! You're a braver man than I am Gunga Din. Glad you had some good support from family and friend. (Great comments!) Sorry I wasn't around to join in, too, but those people are nuts! I did a little scouting around on Whitewhatsit's blog and found he's into this stuff. (I won't dignify it with a fancy link)
    I've been hanging out on Sandmonkey's blog a bit, listening to the regulars rolling their eyes up at a couple of the Islamist equivalents of the folks on the blog you were on. (Cadavre is one of them - clever, huh?)
    That Whitewraithe name reminds me of this:
    Hope it's sunny tomorrow!

  2. Hey Bec! I read a bit of Whitewraithe's blog also. I suppose some people just have an inherent NEED to feel oppressed, it gives them an excuse or a person/thing to blame for life's shortcomings or slights. Pretty sad. Like you, I'm pretty sure there's an LOTR connection in that misguided woman's nic. Damned Orcs!

    It IS sunny today! I'm gonna get out in it!

  3. Ewwww, that was a disgusting display of invertebrates/

  4. Ok, I need to go get my boots on now...

    And I'm INTO snakes and bugs (just not spiders)!


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