Monday, July 31, 2006

From Bad to Worse...

Lebanese bloggers. From JOS, at Another Blog on the Block, posted on 7/27/2006:

My ‘disgust level’ reached its maximum last night, after I, and the majority of Lebanese [a similar point of view] watched a TV show that hosted young Lebanese from different political orientations. The different political views can be divided into two major orientations: pro-Hezbollah/Iran/Syria and anti-Hezbollah/Iran-Syria axis. The country is deeply divided between these two radically different political stances, and the debate was very intense. It was finally obvious and crystal-clear that those Hezbollah defenders and supporters (Shi’a radicals, and leftist political parties) live in a world of their own! They have their own reality and vision of the world, and I just don’t know how the hell we can ever reach a common base.

But, what disgusted me the most was that – regardless of our radical political differences - we were kinds of feeling pity for their miseries, their destroyed properties, or the fact that they had to flee their houses or the hard times they had to endure; while – on the other hand, and as they loudly shouted last night – they DON’T CARE A BIT ABOUT ALL THIS : they refuse to acknowledge the huge mistake they’ve done, the huge catastrophe they dragged the country and it’s whole population in, the tremendous loses we endured on all levels, they refuse to accept or to debate the simplest of our views, they refused to give us our legitimate right to have an opinion about declaration of war or peace, they want to decide everything on our behalf whether we like it or not, they want to label us as traitors and agents of foreign policies, while declaring with pride their alliances with Iran and Syria, and imposing on us their point of view, they don’t acknowledge our prisoners in the Syrian prisons, they refuse to disarm, they want to erase Israel from the map, boldly saying that nothing can stop them, they shout and proudly declare an endless war, an eternal bloodshed, and a blind haters.

And again, today (7/31/2006):

As much as I hate Hezbollah and wanting to see it disarmed and even disappeared, as much as I hate wars and aspire to ever-lasting peace with all my neighbors, as much as I am wondering if what have been happening in Lebanon can be tolerated or accepted or approved in any other place on the face of the universe? Can anybody out there accept to see this happening on his soil in the name of fighting terrorism? Please, can someone tell me what’s the difference between this and terrorism? NOTHING. It’s the same. And what’s worst, it’s not going to make this ‘world’s deadliest disease’ disappears, it is AGGRAVATING it:

Violence gives birth to violence; hate leads to more hate, death engender death….

This war has to STOP, and it has to stop NOW. It’s time to search for diplomatic solutions. That’s all I have to say about this subject. I feel like I don’t even want to think or talk about it anymore. It's becoming more disgusting then I ever thought it would get.

Many, many Lebanese blogs are linked at the Lebanese Bloggers Forum, including more than a few Hezbollah sympathizers/supporters. One could spend days chasing links from this site; I only spent a couple of hours. Yesterday’s incident at Qana seems to have ignited the fire of nationalism in the Lebanese people, and Hezbollah is the beneficiary. Forgive me my pessimism, but things seem to be going from bad to worse.

In the “I’m Not the Only One” Department Michael J. Totten, writing in his blog “Middle East Journal”:

Hezbollah’s Coup d'État

The fog of war makes it impossible for me or anyone else to determine whether or not Israel’s war against Hezbollah is succeeding of failing militarily. But it’s painfully obvious that Israel’s attempt to influence Lebanese politics in its favor is an absolute catastrophe right now.

The (second in a decade) attack on Qana that killed scores of civilians has all but cemented the Lebanese public and Hezbollah together.

Cable news reports that 82 percent of Lebanese now support Hezbollah. Prime Minister Fouad Seniora – whatever his real opinion in private – is now closer to openly supporting Hezbollah in public than he has ever been.

Don’t miss the comments thread. Visitors to Totten’s blog are perceptive, rational, and civil. The discussion in the comments is good, as usual.

In the “For What It’s Worth” Dept.… “Milking It? The point is powerfully made, but propaganda is propaganda, regardless if it’s ours or theirs. You decide.

Pertinent comment on the “Hezbollah hiding amongst civilians” meme and the photo manipulation cited directly above at The Volokh Conspiracy.


  1. You always have interesting points of view from different sources - sometimes I read through your blog and think, "Wow! Heavy stuff! I need more time to let it all soak in!" The two different Lebanese views remind me of the differences here in the USA, "They have their own reality and vision of the world, and I just don’t know how the hell we can ever reach a common base..."

    Friday, while driving to WF, I listened to some radio talk show (probably out of Dallas). The host of the show read from an article that she said appeared on page 13 of the NYT. The article was on Christians in Lebanon who claimed that the terrorist were coming into their neighborhoods and firing rockets and moving on. They wanted Israel to take care of the problem. Of course she pointed out that page 1 of the NYT was all about how bad Isreal was with their bombing of civilians.

    There is just so much information and mis-iformation coming out these days, it is frustrating. I found the link on your previous blog about that mis-info very curious indeed. I hope his theory on Israel's tacticts is right-on.

  2. I try, Lou, I try! I was reading what you wrote over at your place yesterday and sympathizing with you because of your slow network does take time to read all this stuff, good and bad. I'm referring to the point of view and the writing, not the subject material. Lots of folks have opinions and aren't afraid to share them; not many can make those points effectively.

    Talk radio! I used to listen to it a bit while in the car. Nowadays I don't spend much time in the car and to the best of my knowledge there just isn't any around here, anyway. I can't say I miss it all THAT much...jes a lil bit!


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