Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

Near the Tomb of the Unknowns, Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Day 2005, Arlington

USAF Funeral, Arlington

Spend a silent moment today to honor the fallen. God Bless them all.


  1. Hope you've been well, Buck.

    My husband went to the American Legion Memorial Day Service and played violin, as he does every Memorial Day. He and the other American Legion vets wore their hats proudly and remained tearfully stoic after losing another good buddy to age just this month.
    The WWII vets are leaving us. My husband is one of the few Vietnam vets in our chapter (another war, another time). They treat him like one of their own. I've been to some of their events and I love them dearly - stubborn in their views, hearts of gold and full of fun. The comrades they lost were lost long ago, but as age has crept up on them, their memories have become clearer and history is closer.

    Memories of an earlier war:

    Take care,
    your "liberal" friend, Sam

  2. Hi Buck, just stopped to say hello. Been to Arlington Cemetary many times, it's actually a pristine place. I was born in Arlington Hospital and raised in Arlington.Spent every Sunday at Ft. Myer's Chruch and then Officers Club for Brunch.You're pics are nice and it made me think of home.Hope you are well!!

  3. Hey Sam!

    Good to "see" you again, thanks for leaving the comment and the link. I was introduced to the poem at a young age by my Dad, who like the good British Lt. Col Parker who runs the web site you pointed me towards, was a big Great War buff. So much of a buff, in fact, that we spent our first vacation in France touring the battlefields of the Western Front..mostly in and around Verdun.

    Good for you, your husband, and the American Legion! It's sad about the WW II vets; yesterday I read something to the effect that over 600,000 of them pass every year now. It's a good thing you have the opportunity to listen and share their memories.

    And... I prefer to think of you as "my friend Sam." :-)

    Hey Barb!! I lived on the Maryland side when the Ol' Man was stationed in DeeSee, but we had friends on the VA side and visited often. You're right: Arlington, Fairfax, Herndon, et al are beautiful lil towns!


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