Tuesday, February 28, 2006


One pays a heavy price, at my age, for staying up all night and half-way into the following day. And what might that price be, Buck? Tell us! Tell us! (says the imaginary audience in my head) OK, since you asked… Fee Number One: You must repeat the process, i.e., you stay up all night, sleep most of the following day and stay awake into the wee hours again. Fee Number Two: Persistent lethargy on the day following your excess. And that was the story yesterday. I was up until 0500 Monday morning, slept until around 1100 and went through the rest of yesterday listing to port about six degrees. I think I’m all better now. I awoke at 0900 or thereabouts this morning and felt pretty good. I will get something meaningful accomplished today. And finally…there was a time when I could (a) stay out all night getting riotously drunk (or righteously, you decide), come home, shower, change clothes and go to work and put in a credible performance or (b) pull a succession of all-nighters at work towards the end of a project and (c) feel no pain on either count, relatively speaking. Ah, nostalgia.
So, I’m listening to Radio Paradise this morning at the exact moment they met their February fund-raising goal. The goal was pretty ambitious, too, as they successfully raised $62,000.00 during the month of February. Good on ‘em. I can rest assured the current soundtrack to my life will continue unabated for a while. But that’s not what I wanted to say… After announcing the goal had been met, followed by the de rigeur thank-yous, Bill plays the following set (chronologically reversed, as indicated):
I haven’t put up a song of the day recently. And that’s because I haven’t been doing much listening these last few days; it was all-hockey, all weekend. And then there was the post orgy let-down, as described above. Life will be getting back to normal now. One item on my agenda today is to bring in all the CDs currently in the car, review, and re-stock. Restocking the car with music will probably result in at least one musical re-discovery. It happens all the time, to me, at least. I’ll let ya know…
It’s the last day of February and there’s a much better than even chance I’ll have to run the air conditioning this afternoon. Our forecasted high, believe it or don’t, is 88 degrees. It’s 76 as I write and it’s decidedly warm inside El Casa Móvil de Pennington. The balmy temps are accompanied by brisk winds (23 mph steady, gusts to 30 mph) unfortunately, and that means lotsa dust, and that, in turn, means I keep the windows and roof vents closed. More’s the pity. A warm day without the freakin’ wind would be much appreciated. S’funny how I can find something to complain about, ain’t it? I definitely should keep my mouth shut, coz the WX Channel’s web page tells me it’s 19 degrees, wind chill of 6, with light snow in Ra-cha-cha at the moment. I’ll take the wind and be glad about it, thank you.

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