Monday, February 27, 2006

A Couple of Fun Time-Wasters

Are you a bubble-wrap popper? Have you ever been without bubble-wrap and really, I mean REALLY, needed to pop something, anything? That sort of impulse isn’t healthy. Bookmark this page for future bubble-wrap droughts. Or go there right now for a few satisfying pops. Few, Hell! Do as many as you want…go into Manic Mode!! (And don’t thank me, thank Dr. Sanity.)

If you’re in need of something more challenging than bubble-wrap, there’s always Falling Sand. Becky introduced me to this game and beware! It’s seriously addicting! When I’ve had enough I simply burn the whole thing down…


  1. Thanks for the bubble wrap. At work, we get the kind with the great big bubbles. I like to put it on the floor and jump on it. Too fun.

    Glad you're enjoying the sand game. I spend way too much time there, myself.

  2. That falling sand things pretty cool.Thanks Buck, for another thing I can do to keep me from going insane and from what I'm really supposed to be doing!


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