Saturday, January 14, 2006

Good Looking Kids, Eh?

Appropos of nothing; just thought you'd like to see The Boys.

The top picture was taken sometime before 1991. I know the approximate date because Buck isn't sporting his Gulf War I ribbons. From left to right: Sam, as NROTC cadet; your humble scribe, six or so years post-retirement (and the uniform fit perfectly); and Buck, as a Senior Airman. I hesitate to say Buck, Jr, as he isn't a "junior." "Buck" just happens to be the common nickname given to us both. Buck is the older of the two.

The middle picture of Sam is old; in this shot he's a Lieutenant, Junior Grade (Lt, J.G.). Sam is now sporting an additional whole, not half, stripe, making him a Lieutenant Commander. I don't have his current official mug shot.

The picture of Buck at the bottom was taken this week, so it's about as current as it gets!

I wish I had a picture of my father in uniform to add to this collection. And I further wish the Old Man had lived to see his grandsons following in his footsteps. Unfortunately, my Dad died before both boys entered service. But, somehow I know he knows. And I know he's proud. As I am.


  1. The true merit of a man can be gauged not by his accomplishments but if his children grow to be good citizens.You have more than enough to be proud of, you have done your duty!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Barbara, but I'm not quite done yet! There's still that 8 year-old in Colorado... but even if he grows up to be a lawyer, two out of three ain't bad. ;-)

    Besides...most of the credit for Buck and Sam has to go to their mom; I was just the role model.

  3. Who can resist a man in uniform? A few years ago, I helped a young Air Force captain purchase a three picture frame - He put his dad, his brother and himself as captains in the frame. It was really cool to see them all together - same rank, about the same age - different military branches.

  4. Small correction...Grandpa actually wrote me a letter when I was in tech school at Lowery he knew about Sam and I...unfortunetly I think you're right about not knowing about us "crossing over to the dark side."

    Just a small observation...


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