Monday, June 09, 2014


I have great news: good friend and constant correspondent Lin is back in the blogosphere after a nearly four-year hiatus.  No longer in New Mexico, Lin now blogs from a log cabin located in Upstate Noo Yawk, about an hour from Montreal.  The name of her new blog is Log Cabin Gothic and here's a sample of her work:
The cabin on a misty Spring morning
I stepped off the bumpy little plane from Boston, the last plane of four in a CheapTickets 22 hour tour of US airports on the convoluted way from the southwest and my family did not recognize me.  Granted, it had been over a decade since they last saw me and life had become an interesting hell during that last five years of it. My intent the year before was to find that last place, one closer to family after so many years of drifting further and further away.  In a rare phone chat with my brother, he had said "Yes, I think it is time for you to come home." 
Twenty five minutes after landing, we pulled into the long driveway of my new last home.  My brother had inspected it and sent photos that previous year but I had not seen it for myself before the closing.  The angst about my decision had been building, especially after that brother died so unexpectedly so I was gripping the seat in front of me tightly as the car drove up the long woodsy lane.
As the trees gave way to an open expanse of lawn and buildings, what I saw replaced the anxiety with a welcoming playful wonder.  I almost expected a Hobbit with pipe in hand to wander down the path to greet us.  Or a talking billy goat or two.   Inside my drawn and worn carcass, there came a tiny squeal of rebirth from a promise of peace and healing hidden within these woods. 
There's lots of beautiful photography on the blog in addition to Lin's excellent prose.  Go give her a visit and tell her I sent ya.


  1. Your Papers Please09 June, 2014 10:39

    Yea, too bad you need a passport (couple hundred bucks every ten years) to visit Canada now. Home of the brave my ass.
    Nice shack though! I know of a secret crossing in Vermont (used to smuggle contraband in the 70's), but maybe the Nazi's have drones over it now :-)

    You can be close to Montreal, but it don't matter if you ain't got the tu comprend...

  2. Buck, you have been my best cheerleader in rolling this new blog out of the hangar. I cannot thank you enough.

  3. @ NFO & Ed: Thanks, Guys.

    @ Papers: I hadn't heard about the passport/Canada thing. I used to visit Windsor at least once a month (and usually quite a bit more often) when I lived in Dee-troit. That was pre-9/11, of course, and all ya needed was some form of ID to get back in to the US.

    @ Lin: Mon plaisir, Madame!

  4. Looks like a interesting addition to the daily read. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Lin prolly won't post every day, but when she does... Wow!

  5. I always loved reading Lin, and I'm glad to find her again! Her cabin has a fairy-tale-cottage air, very lovely. Much like Lin herself and her writing. :)

    1. Lin IS a good read. Fun to drink with, too! ;-)


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