Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This Is Fun

I got this link from an item in the PBS Newshour Daily Political e-mail...
To mark the publication of Hillary Clinton's Hard Choices, create a book name of your own
There are hard choices and then there are hard choices—like what to call your political memoir. As with politics, the genre seems encourage a certain brand of safe conformity. When in doubt, politicians can try one resolute word like Duty (Robert Gates) or Leadership (Rudy Giuliani). If you’re Barbara Bush and you’re writing a memoir, you can go with, well, A Memoir. America is a always a good place to start whether you’re An American Son (Marco Rubio), have lived An American Life (Ronald Reagan) or happen to know America By Heart (Sarah Palin). Bravery of all shades is to be celebrated from The Audacity of Hope (Barack Obama) to A Fighting Chance (Elizabeth Warren) to the Courage to Stand (Tim Pawlenty).
Still having trouble coming up with a title for a political memoir of your own? We’ll do the work for you. Click below to create a new title and share the results.
Well, OK.  I did just that... several times.  Here's what Norman would write...

And here's Buck's Books...

I'm pretty sure none of those would be best sellers but they are good for a grin. "Challenging Temerity."  Heh.


  1. I went to the Carlos Danger name generator on Slate and came up with the following:

    A Mission to Choose by Luis Sly
    Unfearing Purpose by Victorino Calamity
    The Presence to Persist by Felipe Badass

    None of them sound like page turners.

    J. R. Burns

    1. Heh. I'd almost forgotten about Mr. Danger.

  2. These are fun....I may have to abandon my first choice, "That's No Way To Park A Learjet."

    1. Oh, I dunno. Your first choice is pretty good.

  3. Thanks for the link.
    That will keep me busy for awhile.


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