Tuesday, April 29, 2014


No, not the kind that live in Krakow.  This sort:

It seems rather priggish of me to just give you yet another Shoebox post, so here's a lil sumthin' I did about poles in the near-wayback:

Friday, August 17, 2007

Care to Dance?

So. I sorta quit paying attention to McNeil/Lehrer The News Hour last night about 20 minutes or so before it actually ended. I got wrapped up reading something or other, and by the time I looked up Jim Lehrer’s smiling face was gone and this had begun:
Live From Lincoln Center Mozart Dances
Mostly Mozart Festival
Mark Morris Dance Group
It was the music that caught my ear, and I looked up. The Mark Morris Dance Group is pretty good, if you like that sort of thing. Understand, Gentle Reader, I could stick what little I know about “dance” in my eye and it wouldn’t hurt a bit. I’ve never been to a dance recital. This is the first recital I’ve seen on TeeVee, to the best of my recollection. So, it’s with a grain of salt you’d be taking when I say this was Modern Dance. I know it wasn’t ballet—no tutus. And it wasn’t folk dancing—no ethnic stuff. And I’ve come to the end of my dance-description rope, right here. Right now.
I stayed with the program…but only for the music (Mozart is my absolute favorite composer). I’m not much into watching half-naked men dancing around a stage— especially when they’re dancing with each other rather than with the women. And there was a lot of that, seemingly every other time I looked up from my reading.
And as for the women-only segments of the program? They were just OK, these segments. The women were beautiful and very well put together (in that athletic, dancer sort of way), the costumes were interesting, and the dancing complemented the accompanying music. There was a critical element missing, however, that ultimately impaired my enjoyment of the performance…
No poles.
There's more to that post (i.e., short treatises on depression and the war on [some] drugs), given that I was in the habit of putting up omnibus-sorta posts in the near-wayback when it seemed I had a lot more to say than I do now.  I often wonder why that is; it's very tempting to blame Bush.


  1. And here I was thinking it was about folks from Poland.
    Then we coulda talked about Hamtramck, kielbasa, pierogis, and golabkis.
    Kinda makes my mouth water.

    1. Oooooh... Hamtramck! One of Dee-troit's better-kept secrets and by that I mean it ain't on the tourist agenda (if there's such a thing these days) but EVERYONE in the metro area knows. Hamtramck also has (or had) a lot of really great dive bars with live music. TSMP and I spent many a wonderful night down there. So, yeah: the very mention of the place makes my mouth water.


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