Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday: WHAT!?!

You have to watch this all the way to the end to see what I'm on about with the post title.

NO!  Say it ain't so!  Talk about spoiling everything...  

BTW: Season three of the "Sherlock" series is coming soon, on PBS' "Masterpiece." 

On another plane entirely... there's this:

"Nailed it," indeed. 

And then there's this... which might make ya a lil bit misty:

It was a good week at the Usual Source.


  1. Nothing builds character like falling on your ass... again.

    1. True. We know from experience, we do.

  2. Thanks Buck,
    I'm glad I got that out of the way. I'm going to watch the Olympics semi-fanatically the way God meant us to: on the innertubees. We shall watch the day away without any of the commercials and we'll watch killer downhill, slalom, ice-war, etc with 59 minutes of Olympic Sport per hour.

    If all else fails I have the keys to unlock the sleeping internets and view it direct from the source satellites.

    1. I'll be watching a lot, too. But I don't have any keys, so it'll be me and The Networks o' NBC. Aiiieee.


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