Friday, January 10, 2014

I Don't Care...

... if this IS a lil too close to home.  It made me laugh right-the-hell-out-loud:

Makes me wish I had a dead cat.

H/t: Tastefully Offensive.


  1. LOL, How does that old C&W lyric go?: "My wife just ran off with my best friend and I miss him."

  2. You should always feel comfort when you visit the woman who stole your husband. Pray for her. Set flowers on her grave.

    1. I like the flowers bit, Christiane. I hope I live long enough to do just that.

    2. After givin' this a lil bit o' thought I've concluded the probability o' me layin' flowers on that SOB's grave is very, very small... infinitesimal, actually, unless there's a happy accident... given the bastard's younger than my SN2. Oh, well.

    3. I switched the husband and wife around above, and showed it to the hubby, who had a nervous laugh, and then said "I have no idea where you are going with this, but I am too old for a new wife!" Then I told him I'm working on a new short story, and he said "fine, fine" as he wiped his brow with his sweater... He enjoyed the cartoon.

    4. Heh. Yeah, I understand your husband's reaction. I'd have been a bit nervous as well.


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