Saturday, January 11, 2014

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack: Phases o' the Moon

It's just a brilliant day today and we're taking advantage by conducting Happy Hour out on the verandah... even as we speak.  One of the things we're listenin' to:

There's whiskey and bad cocaine
Poison get you just the same
And if that... that don't... kill you soon
The women will down at the Spanish Moon.
We're somewhat familiar about which Mr. George speaks and all of it brings back fond memories, indeed.  We heard this tune on RP a short time ago as part o' a "moon" set.  Like this (times are PST):

One of the reasons I so dearly love RP is that Bill seems to pull music right out o' my library and put it out on these here inter-tubes.  Not to put too fine a point on it, but I own all three o' the albums highlighted above in this particular case.  And when it comes to fine points... I also need to say that Van is one o' only three artists (those bein' Joni, Lyle Lovett, and Van himself) whose work I'll buy unheard.  While I may not own everything these three artists have ever recorded I come close.  Awfully damned close.


  1. Buck, OT but over at the blog "Lem's Learning Levity" there is a post up about the AN/FPS-35 radar. You might want to chime in. (The guys father--our age--worked on them. He's telling what it was like as a kid living on those semi-isolated air-stations (mainly E. Coast. Got pics too)

    1. Thanks, Virgil. I did weigh in... I'm such a pedant.


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