Saturday, January 25, 2014

And Then There's This...

...which made me laugh right out loud:

Still and even I suppose we'll watch it this evening.  We'll watch and laugh... a lot.


  1. ROTFLMAO!!! All they'll need to top the silliness off is for the Mexican gang-bangers that now surround (live in) the area to start a riot messing with all the white-bread hockey-loving gringos..

    1. The game was pretty much a snoozer... those Quackers totally dominated the Kings, it was never close. The between-period shows were laughable, i.e., KISS? KISS? That buncha old men from the '70s? I coulda used a lot more of "Five For Fighting," who did a good take on their "100 Years" song. Other than that? I guess it was a success, the stands looked full.


    Oh, what the hell, let's do one in Mexico City, or in Rio de Janeiro; I hear they've got a soccer stadium there that seats 200k+.

    My inner engineer wonders how much refrigeration it takes to maintain hockey-capable ice in LA? Wouldn't want to see the utility bill for that (or what the hell, maybe I would).

    Palm trees and hockey are just wrong on so many levels; and shame on the NHL for not even having a clue on that account. . .

    ('Course, then, the NFL thinks that a Super Bowl in NYC is a good idea, so the mental illness must be contagious; I hope they get a two-foot blizzard next Sunday thru which the cameras can't even make out the shapes of the players' bodies. . .)

    1. About the ice... I guess that NHL refrigeration truck is some amazing piece o' machinery. NBCSN did an interview with the NHL's ice guru before the game last night and he detailed some of the things the crew did to make the ice workable... like covering the entire rink with a reflective, insulating blanket until about an hour or two before game time. That blanket was needed too, the ice-guy said the temps along the walls were 112 degrees. The temp of the ice at game time was supposedly 24 degrees. The NYT has a short blurb on the truck here.

      As for palm trees and hockey... I couldn't agree more. I think it's amazing so many fans showed up for the game; Dodger stadium looked packed.


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