Sunday, January 26, 2014


It's one of THOSE days... I stayed up way too late, got up way too late, and my brain is stuck in low gear even after three cups o' coffee.  The mail has been read, the overnight reviews of last night's hockey extravaganza in El-Eh have been read (and they were almost all good; here's one such from Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail), and we've made the blog rounds.  One more cup and the coffee will be done, or at least all of it that I want.

I suppose I should have watched the Rangers-Devils game at Yankee Stadium today but I didn't... for a couple o' reasons.  (1) I got up too late and the game was already in progress when we rolled out and (2) the game is on Big NBC, which means I'd have it in Standard Definition, as opposed to HD (I don't get ANY network teevee in HD, thanks to those shitheads wonderful people at Dish).  I'm spoiled when it comes to hockey and just won't watch it in SD any longer... unless the Wings are playing.  We DO make sacrifices when the need arises, but otherwise?  Meh.

We normally go looking for a suitable re-run when we have nothing on a Sunday but I'm too damned lazy to even consider that.  So we'll just whine.

There is one bright spot: the weather is brilliant for late January.

It's nice today but it won't stay that way, as winter comes back in for a two-day stay beginning tomorrow.  C'mon SPRING!


  1. Chin up, Buck. Just your weather alone is enough when compared ours. And your Wings are having a much better season of it than my Celtics.

    (I know. Apples and oranges. I should be comparing my B's to your Wings, and we shall do that in later months, but right now I'm comparing our main squeezes and trying to make you feel better...)

    1. We're in SERIOUS danger o' not making the playoffs for the first time in 23 years. Bein' a Wings fan ain't easy this year.


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