Thursday, December 05, 2013

Broadening LXXIII

I should know better, but I guess I don't.  Our first beer today is the lone IPA in that Sammy Adams Winter Favorites 12-pack I bought the other day... like this:

I'll drink this and the other bottle o' the bordering-on-swill that's in the fridge, which is better than the fate o' that Accumulation IPA from New Belgium, the remaining five beers goin' out the door with one o' the neighbors yesterday.  (Said neighbor is of an age where "free" might could be his favorite brand.  I know it was my favorite when I was 20-sumthin'.)  But we digress.  Yes, the beer is quite hoppy, typical for the genre.  The addition of juniper (berries? Yes, according to the Adams web site) adds a bit of a different, slightly sweet, taste to the mix, however, and it's a taste I find curiously appealing.  It's not THAT appealing, meaning I wouldn't go out of my way to buy more or order a pint o' it if it were on tap in one of my watering holes.  I like it just enough that I'll drink it, as opposed to giving it away.  I guess that's damning the beer with faint praise, innit?  (You can find "serious" reviews here.)

In other news... the weather folks up there in ABQ didn't lie.  We got a light dusting o' that frozen white shit this morning and it's colder than the proverbial witch's mammary glands.  Like this:

It would be a good day to curl up by the fire... if I had a fireplace.  Ah, well.  We have our memories o' that.

351 West Oakridge, Ferndale, Michigan... c. mid-1990s


  1. Hey! I've been to Ferndale!

    1. And I've been up in the Thumb, too!

    2. I think it's interesting that the two of lived within a few miles of each other in both Detroit and Berkeley. I cannot drink the beer anymore, regrettably, but I also don't miss it too much. All of my places in San Diego had fire places but I don't think I have a single picture of a fire burning in any one of them. It hardly ever dropped below 60 degrees. :) The one fire I remember in Selfridge, the Base Fire Department responded and we had to stand outside in the snow for almost an hour until the smoke cleared.

    3. @Curt: I've had my moments with fireplaces, too... but none that required third-party intervention by guys in big-ass trucks. My SN2 is responsible for at least half of those "moments," what with him bein' a not-so-latent pyromaniac. "Bigger! Better! Faster! More!" and all that... the type of fire where burning embers shower yer roof.

      It IS interesting that we've lived in the same parts o' the world, innit? I wish I could add Sandy Eggo to my list, but alas...

  2. I didn't realize how close you lived to my brother in law's mother in law (in other words the sister in law's mother).
    She lives on Breckenridge.
    That said, my mother in law, GS's mom, lived in Oak Park, on Oneida, also pretty close.

    1. She lives on Breckenridge.

      Out of all the places I've lived in my life I miss that neighborhood the most. Old, established, leafy, and real solid people... you just couldn't beat it. That used to be a very good little corner of the world, Oak Park included.


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