Thursday, December 05, 2013

And Tats, Too

We're all familiar with the Engrish phenomenon, especially on tee shirts, like this:

Well, My Buddy Ed In Florida sends this along...

I suppose it had to happen but there's not much humor in a single random word.  But when it comes to language and stuff, well turnabout IS fair play.  We've been doin' that for years and years.


  1. Everybody seems to know about this, too. At Thanksgiving last week, a buncha musicians were having a getting-to-know-you before the bird, and I mentioned that I had the C.F. Martin & Co. logo from my old D-28 tattooed on shoulder 40 years ago - which naturally led to a general tattoo discussion. Only two other folks were tattooed out of this very upright and moral group, but one gal our age mentioned that she had gotten an Asian symbol applied somewhere.

    My response was "Are you sure you know what it means?", and to my surprise the whole place cracked up.

    1. Great minds and all that, coz that would have been my response as well. The ONLY person I'd trust putting an ideogram on MY body would be my mother, assuming she wasn't dead and was Asian by birth.


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