Thursday, October 17, 2013


This time-lapse vid is from NatGeo and was in today's mail.

I've never been to Iceland, but only through the luck o' the draw.  The Air Force had two radar sites in Iceland during the whole of my AF career, one at Hofn and the other at Straumnes Air Station.  Neither location were what one would call "garden spots," but they were better than, say, Thule.  That said, the video above certainly displays Iceland's natural beauty.  I'm simply glad I didn't have the opportunity to enjoy some of it for a year.

In other news... we've been trying to watch the ALCS, which is a duty and obligation thing, given as how I'm an American and bezbol IS the National Pastime (so I'm told) and, further, Dee-troit is one of the two teams vying to represent the American League in the World Series.  And you KNOW I'm a big fan of things coming out of Dee-troit.  There's just one problem, though: compared to hockey the game is SLOW.  Painfully slow.  "Put you to sleep" slow.  I fell asleep on the couch during the third inning last evening and didn't wake up until the top of the ninth.  That said, I was gratified to see Dee-troit held on, won last night's game and tied the series up.  I've watched at three of the four games in this series... which is to say an inning or two before I fall asleep and another inning or two after I wake up... but it's hard to stay awake.  I'd do MUCH better at the ball park.


  1. Baseball=Nap time. I joined in the 2nd inning, watched the runs tally up and ....... dozed until the bottom of the 7th....just in time for the "big finish." Then, I went to bed.

    Now, don't get me started on those stupid a** beards.......(pardone mon French)

    1. You watched just a LITTLE bit more than I did, Rummy. But, Hey! Some of those sox-guys have GREAT beards.


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