Wednesday, October 16, 2013


In my in-box, just now:

I shot that vid three and a half years ago and what's at issue would be music... by Van Morrison, of course... coming from my window as I talk about what a beautiful Spring day we were having.  This really blows my mind.  I understand copyright issues (even though nearly all of the music videos on the Tube o' You violate the spirit, if not the letter of the law) but music wafting out of someone's WINDOW?  Gimmee a break!

So, I resolved the issue by clicking on a "remove music" link on my copyright notice page.  The edit is still in progress as we speak so I have no ideer how this will come out, not that anyone would ever WATCH the gotdamned video ever again.  We only had a grand total of 61 views during the whole three and a half years the video's been public.  What bullshit.

Shorter:  Get off my lawn!

Update, much letter that same day:  So, the first 1:01 of the video was muted to remove the end of that Van Morrison song that was coming out o' my window.  We are now in compliance with Mr. Morrison's lawyers.  Here's the result...

Isn't it rather strange that Dylan coming out o' my window is OK, but Van ISN'T?


  1. Lovely day in a nice little spot on God's green earth. Birds singing (if not Van Morrison) and they can't copyright that (I think.)


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