Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tales From the Front, Cold War Edition... the Other Side II

Some of you Gentle Readers commented on my art work in the first letter I published from that passel o' old correspondence that's still sitting on my kitchen counter, as we speak.  Like this:

Another bad mePhone pic
But we digress.  We're supposed to be on about art now, aren't we?  I found this in one of The Second Mrs. Pennington's letters to me:

Click to embiggen

That was from March 10, 1976, when I was off in Doi Inthanon, Thailand for four or five months building a radar site for the Royal Thai Air Force.  TSMP was remarkably accurate in her rendition of the radar tower, if nothing else.


  1. "I Love You" emmanating from the radar...

    Is that what they call "Radar Love" ?

    When she's lonely and the longing gets too much,
    She sends a cable coming in from above.
    Don't need no phone at all.
    We got a thing that's called radar love
    We got a wave in the air
    Radar love

    1. You inadvertently pushed a hot-button of mine, Christiane. "Radar Love" got a lot of airplay when TSMP and I were in the first stages of our love affair and she decided that "Radar Love" should be one of Our Songs. I've gone on about THAT a bit in the past, most notably here. I can't STAND that song... "Radar Love"... to this very day. (Note: several of the songs on the linked post have been stricken from the Tube o' You, but you'll get the titles if you click on the black screen.)


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