Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Warm weather has returned to The High Plains o' New Mexico and that's a great good thing.  "Warm," in this case, means 66 degrees but it feels a whole hella lot warmer than that when you're sitting in full sun, which we're most definitely doin'.  We called Happy Hour a bit earlier than usual, mainly coz we wanted to take advantage o' this lovely day as early as possible.  And so we are.

Our soundtrack today is provided by Pandora's "quick mix" feature, which I dearly love.  (Side note: while it's warm outside it ain't quite warm enough to open up the house and listen to our personal music collection... so we're making do.  Which is much more than just making do, when ya get right down to it.)  For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Quick Mix... Pandora essentially provides you with random selections from all the stations you've defined.  That makes for some interesting segues... like from the Stones to Mozart to Ol' Blue Eyes to John Philip Sousa to Kate Bush to Motown... and so on.  Here's what Pandora is drawing from in my case:

The sheer variety reminds me a lot of free-form FM radio back in the early 1970s, a programming option one doesn't find outside o' college radio these days, and it's pretty rare even there.  The QuickMix is JUST the thing when you're in that "I dunno WHAT the hell I want" kinda mood, not to mention the surprises and quick flashes of joy that happen when one improbable selection follows another.  It's great good stuff, Gentle Reader.

Which brings us to today's selection... Leon Russel singin' Bob Dylan.

This might could be a case of the cover exceeding the original.  Or not, depending on how yer mileage varies.  I like Leon's version a lot better than one of Bob's: 

That said, "Love Minus Zero" is a wonderful song and both versions speak to me... highly.

Enough.  Let's get back outside and continue as we've begun.


  1. Lots of sunshine here yesterday, but it was still a bit chilly. Hopefully today the wind will be down and the warm will be up.

    I like both songs. Well, I may be more of a Leon fan.

    1. We had just the sort of day you described yesterday: wind down and warm up. It's supposed to be better today!


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