Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Mutual Admiration Society... of Two

We've gone on a bit about how we love... in a brotherly sorta way... the relationship we have with our cigar provider.  Here's another example:
Tim Blythe
2:33 PM (22 minutes ago)

to me
Buck, you’ve been nothing but a gentleman since the first time I’ve worked with you.  It’s the least I could do.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Your friend,

Tim Blythe/

From: Buck Pennington
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 3:07 PM
To: Tim Blythe
Subject: Thank You!

Hey Tim,

I got a nice surprise in the mailbox yesterday... those Alec Bradley "Family Blend" sticks you sent at no charge arrived, along with the Drew Estate Ligeros.  Two boxes, same day!  Needless to say, Happy Hour was indeed happy yesterday afternoon.

Thank you VERY much for your service and attention, Tim.  My on-going relationship with you never ceases to both amaze and please me.

Best Regards,
That, of course relates to the recent "cigars gone missing" episode which seriously pissed us off.  But we're pissed no longer and we're smokin' 'em, since we've got 'em.  Thanks to Tim.


  1. Wow. Actual, real-live customer service. Whodathunk it would be a good idea to treat their customers so well. Don't tell the gubmint, they'll probably want to shut 'em down.

    'Tis a good story Buck!

    1. Tim's a great guy, Chris. This ain't the only time he's fixed screw-ups for me.

  2. It really is incredible when you run into a customer service provider who actually gives an att's rass. It's a small thing, at the end of the day, but makes a HUGE difference.

  3. Lately, I've wondered if good customer service - actually helping people - has gone by the wayside in our society. It is good to hear that Tim is taking care of his customers. We could all use some major suck-up (from Pretty Woman) now and then.

    1. I hear ya, Lou... one expected good service from everyone, everywhere back in the day, now we're surprised when it happens. But it's SO nice to be cared for!


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