Monday, April 29, 2013

Grab Bag


I was awakened by the phone at sumthin' like oh-dark-thirty this morning, or about 0915 hrs, same-same for me.  My Buddy Lee In Oregon called with some news about a friend who's battling cancer (prognosis: good) and with a small request.  Lee has a couple o' friends currently on a cross-continent mo'sickle trip and would it be OK if they dropped in to do a lil laundry and recharge... seein' as how I'm "on the way?"  Why certainly, sez I.  I'm always up for a lil bit o' bench racing and other forms of swapping lies, so come on down.  I may not ride any longer but I have 40 years worth o' mo'sickle stories to share.  So I may have company tomorrow.

Oh.  Yes, I WAS civil with Lee, even considerin' I'd been awakened from a dead sleep and hadn't even THOUGHT about coffee yet.  I'm such a good guy.  Sometimes.


We're in that sweet spot o' the year, that brief period o' time in Spring and Fall when I need neither heat nor air conditioning... just open up the windows (dust permitting) and let it all hang out.  My electric bill drops by about 50% during this time and we DO like the savings that's in it.  Then again, I think my electric bills are pretty reasonable for an all-electric house: I've never paid more than $101.00 in any given month and that was in the dead o' winter.  

We may have to fire up the AC for a bit today or tomorrow, however, coz it's gonna be warmish these next two days:

Great verandah weather, though.


A miscellaneous bitch:  My apartment has those gotdamned eco-friendly low-volume-flush toilets.  So my question is... what fucking good are they if you have to flush the damned things TWICE?  I suppose saving water is a good thing (and its an especially good thing in water-challenged areas like The High Plains o' New Mexico) and I also realize I only flush once for Number One.  But it really galls me to HAVE to flush twice, otherwise.

I'll add that to my list of First World Problems.


Speaking of First World Problems... an alternate term is "Posh Problem."  That's what the Brits say and I learned this by watching oh-dark-thirty Bloomberg News on my teevee, wherein they air the very early bid'niz news (we're talking from 0100 to 0300 hrs or thereabouts) from their London studio.  Mebbe I'll start using that term or would that be an affectation?

I think I just answered my own question.


It begins tomorrow night!  Yays for me, but YOUR mileage may vary, Gentle Reader. 

Yeah, let's meet some characters.


  1. When we remodeled, 20 years ago, low flow toilets (3) were installed.
    Sometimes it even required a third flush because I ordered the cheapest crap toilet I could find at Home Depot.
    About five years ago we had a flood because of bad supply lines on one of those crappers.
    The company that did the damage remediation said they would install new toilets, if I got them, at no additional charge.
    So I went out to a wholesale plumbing outfit and found eco-friendly crappers with a two stage system.
    They were a little pricey, but they work great.
    The WC in the garage is still the original cheapo that for some unknown reason seems to work just dandy with one flush.

    1. I think the builders went cheap in my case. The appliances are nice though, so who knows?

  2. Yer weather is a lot like mine
    Even the wind direction is close

  3. My mother's 84 year old boyfriend has a three-wheeler motorcycle. Mom says they are coming up to see me on it. Scary, but kind of cool.

    Here is the policy around here: if it is yellow let it mellow; if it is brown, flush it down.

    1. I'd be a lil bit concerned about an 84 year old on a bike too, even a three wheeler. Mebbe ESPECIALLY a three wheeler.

      Interesting policy!


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