Monday, March 04, 2013

It's That Time o' Year

Spring is edging ever closer (but not yet close ENOUGH) and I'm beginning to see evidence.  Case in point, this:

There are some nice photos there.  Cherry blossoms, as noted elsewhere on the blog in recent days, are a favorite of mine.  And cherry blossoms are one of the things I miss about livin' in Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park.  I posted pics of an ornamental cherry tree right outside my front door EVERY year while I was livin' there, like this:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Forgive Me...

... or indulge me.  Whatever.  Sakura... taken a few minutes ago:

I just love the delicate pinks and the contrasting copper-colored new leaves.  And no smart-ass comments about my manliness, OK?
And this:

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


or... confused? Taken about four minutes ago... the ornamental Cherry tree just outside my door.

I'm thinking the third of March might just be a lil bit... umm... early. But, Hey! We'll take it, Gentle Reader. And now it's back out to continue with Happy Hour... already in progress. It's quite the lovely afternoon here at El Casa Móvil De Pennington, what with it being 80 degrees and all. Loverly. To say the VERY least.
Note the widely divergent dates on those two posts.  I could use a lil bit o' 80-degree weather right now.


  1. Ah, sakura...

    They're all perfect...

  2. Why don't you plant one in your rock-garden--would lend a Japanese air to your place. Hell, you might also get out the rake and make some ornamental swirls to complete the picture--letting your artistic side take wing. And get some Bonsai-trees in wooden containers for the patio as well. Or is all that against association rules? Could always ask for an exemption, tho.

    1. Dang, Virgil. All that sounds an awful lot like WORK. About which... this.

  3. Sunday was fairly warm, but windy. You can see from the pics that I posted that it is not spring here. Although, tulips and daffodils are coming up here and there. I'm ready for some green.

    1. It's not yet Spring here, either. And The Deity At Hand KNOWS I'm ready!


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