Saturday, October 06, 2012


Good stuff at the Usual Source this week... including this horrible, terrible, amazing, well... this:

From the Tube O' You notes:
Kareteci Kiz (English: "Karate Girl") is a 1973 Turkish film.Directed by Orhan Aksoy, the cast includes popular Turkish actress Filiz Akın, and actor Ediz Hun.

In September 2012, the film gained some attention for arguably having one of the worst death scenes of all time, though the cited clip has been edited from the original to add an unending scream. Bülent Kayabaş is the dying actor in the referenced scene.
It's pretty funny, though.

Speakin' o' BAD...

Ah... nevermind.  Go back to sleep, please.  PLEASE.


  1. It actually, physically, hurt to watch that "death"

  2. PS: Talk about about the truth of the phrase "squirm in your seat!" LOL!!!

    1. Yeah... that was so bad it was good.

  3. OMG that death scene is hilarious. And so is the video of the guy being shot.


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