Friday, October 05, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane with my theme song...

Just wanna be misunderstood
Wanna be feared in my neighborhood
Just wanna be a moody man
Say things that nobody can understand
I wanna be obscure and oblique
Inscrutable and vague
So hard to pin down
I wanna leave open mouths when I speak
Want people to cry when I put them down
Well, I'm nearly there, in that I'm pretty obscure and oblique... or mebbe that's just my imagination.  "Hey, Baby..."

While we're on about "Rough Mix"... I think this is arguably Townshend's greatest album, and yeah, that includes his work with The Who and his various solo efforts (I have nearly all of the of the foregoing, btw).  Here's another cut off the album:

She said there's dust and cobwebs on your north star
There no more fussing the campfires in your hair
I see the wheels they're rusted in your backyard
I know we're not going anywhere
We used to roam so freely... it's been so long
I take my dreams to bed now, where they belong
The lyrics are poignant... and are far more pertinent these days than I wanna admit... but the it's the guitar playin' on this cut that really lights me up... some of the finest dobro work you'll hear anywhere.  "Rough Mix" is one of the gems in my music collection and part o' today's Happy Hour soundtrack.


  1. I like both of these songs. How did I miss this back in the day? I must have been a real nerd.

    1. I'm pretty sure neither song got any air play, Lou, and the '70s were pretty much all about the radio. As a matter o' fact I don't recall ANY single off of this album, so it would be easy to miss. I bought the album coz I was both a Who and a Faces fan.

  2. Holy crap, Buck. Somebody else in the world knows about and loves this album like I do.

    1. Our tastes seem quite similar, Barry.

  3. (And I got there the same way you did - Who and Faces fan.)


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