Friday, September 07, 2012

Tonight's After Dinner Whiskey Hour Soundtrack...

Ryan Bingham with some great slide guitar...

After Dinner Whiskey Hour tonight brought a taste o' Fall, what with a cold front blowin' in today.  It was all o' 65 degrees when we walked back into the house tonight, and said house felt warm after bein' outside for a couple o' hours.  We wrapped our-skinny-self up in a long-sleeved shirt this evening and was grateful for the comfort it provided, given as how our R-factor is rather low and exacerbated by the recent violence done to our person... and the resulting fall-out from same.  Which is NOT to say we didn't enjoy our time out on the verandah this evening, coz we most surely did, helped in no small part by two iterations o' Woodford Reserve and a nice Cohiba Maduro.  We're slowly but surely gettin' back to normal.

The feel o' Fall in the air did a body GOOD, Gentle Reader.  I'm ready  for a reprieve from the all-consuming heat we've experienced here on The High Plains o' New Mexico these past several weeks, and tonight was just the ticket we've been anticipating.  It gets even better tomorrow, what with a forecast high of 85 or so, and down into the 50s tomorrow night.  It looks like it's gonna be a perfect day for college ball tomorrow.

Bring it on... coz I'm SO ready for it!


  1. Your weather sounds identical to our forecast. Front moving in today, and it's past due.

    Glad you're on the mend. Your R-factor wasn't all that high to start out with...

    1. The NWS revised the forecast down to 77, Andy. It's 61, as we speak. Perfect, in other words.

      I'm mending, not mended. But it ain't bad.

  2. We had high winds here last night as the front blew in and several fires in the area, which was a bit scary. But the cold did not hit until about 2:30 this morning. I know because I was up with the Poopy, but I didn't mind standing outside in the cool air in my nightgown. I'm so ready for fall.

    1. Our winds got kinda fierce when the front blew in, as well. It's been so long since we've had high winds I'd almost forgotten how entertaining they are. Almost. It was VERY cool last night... down into the mid-50s.


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