Friday, September 07, 2012

Just a Quickie

I'm recently in from the day's errands, which included a fruitless attempt at obtaining Industrial Strength Pain Killers from the Cannon Airplane Patch pharmacy, where I was informed that they don't carry Percocet.  Say what?  Nope... they don't.  So it was off to Wally-World to buy the required drugs (buy: as in a modest co-pay of ten Yankee Dollars) instead of getting them on Uncle Sam's dole.  

Drugs.  Some better than others.
That was disappointing, but I swung by the Class VI on my way off the base and found that The Management had answered my request by stocking Bulleit Rye as a normal offering, so no further special orders are required.  I also noted with great pleasure that Woodford Reserve is also on the shelf again... and noted with FURTHER pleasure that the combined price of a bottle of each of the foregoing is only six Yankee Dollars more than a single bottle of the formerly preferred Johnny Walker Green.

So, did I even go LOOK at the scotch?  Hell, no.

In further alcoholic news... I almost fulfilled the terms of the post-op 24-hour alcohol ban.  Almost.  I skipped Happy Hour yesterday in favor of a nap but weakened and had a couple o' fingers o' Woodford Reserve after dinner.  I DID keep the cigar ban, but we won't last the mandated 36 hours.  As a s'matter o' fact we shall fire one up and crack a Sammy Adams Octoberfest soon after we hit "publish" on this piece o' drivel.

One last thang:  Blog-Buddy Jim has been through all this crap significant Adventures In Modern Dentistry, too.  He posted a re-run thoroughly describing his experiences in his inimitable, which is to say hilarious, way (and made me blush by dedicating the piece to me).  You should go read... it's better than good.


  1. Word to the probably already wise about such things - While I've not been immune to the siren call of the combined pleasures of alcohol and opiates, please be careful if you go in that direction, OK? One drink, tops, if you're doing Percs. Very easy to depress the respiratory system!

    OK, I know I shouldn't be one to give lectures, but I just wanted to lend you some of my knowledge in the area, Buck.

    1. I dunno about "wise," but I am aware of the inter-action. I'll take the Percocets before bed, which is when I REALLY need them. Sleeping well is my main issue at the moment.

  2. Buck, thanks for the link to Suldog's place. The man is a hoot. I've linked him at my place.

    Eventually I will have to retire just so I can keep up with all the blogs I am now addicted to.

  3. Gosh! A trip to the Wally-World pharmacy is enough to make anyone want to do drugs.

    1. Yup. I fell off my vow to "go local" the next time I had to get drugs off base. My Bad.


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