Monday, September 24, 2012

Plane Pr0n

From the Usual USAF Source...

Air Frame: An F-35A Lightning II (top) from the 33rd Fighter Wing at Eglin AFB, Fla., and an F-22A Raptor from the 325th FW at Tyndall AFB, Fla., soar over the coast of northwest Florida, Sept. 19, 2012. This was the first time the Air Force's two fifth generation fighters have flown together, according to Eglin officials. (Air Force photo by MSgt. Jeremy T. Lock) (Click on image above to reach larger version.)

Hey, Ed... isn't that yer house at lower left?


In other news... it was déjà vu all over again. Windows Update successfully downloaded and installed the latest update from Microsnot overnight... the one that FAILED Saturday night, causing me all that angst.  I have NO ideer why the initial updates fail... and it's NOT a good sign when yer 'puter starts acting weird.


  1. Just a quick editorial note: You seem to have misspelled "porn". As an avid advocate for that with which the word is usually associated, I felt I needed to be a prig about it.

    (And, yes, the last word in that last sentence is spelled correctly, although the variant you may have in mind wouldn't be wholly inappropriate.)

    1. Misspelled on purpose... see here. I can be just as priggish as yerself, given that I'm a Grammar and Spelling Nazi.

  2. Pron Prigs WBAGNFANWB*

    *new wave

  3. Buck, since my last meltdown, I have seen the pop-up in the lower right hand corner of the monitor, alerting me that there are updates of MS Win 7 that need to be installed.

    A few minutes ago, I saw one when I powered up the machine. That is the third one I've seen. I've passed on them all.

    I think I'll stick with what I've got for now.

    When I had my initial problem, it was from an overnight automatic download that restarted (or "attempted" to restart...but it never did, and blah blah blah...).

    Imma wait for a while until I click on the "make my 'puter better forever" button. But, I am at the mercy of Mr. Gates. If it decides to do it on its' own, it will.

    Maybe I should shut the thing down when I shut myself down? Whataya think?

    1. You can change your update options, Andy. I have mine set to "automatic," but there are others... such as "ask me." MS updates me even if I put the 'puter to sleep when I retire for the night. I've always wondered how they do that.

  4. Spelling is not my fortay, and computers are beyond my understanding, but I like the plane pics.

  5. The two planes Congress designed24 September, 2012 16:07

    The saying is: "No matter how much they spend or try to fix the F-22, it will never be an F-23!"

    For the new kids, the F-22 beat out the Northrup F-23, and it's been a limp dick Air Force ever since.

    The money they've blown (pissed away) on the F-22 and F-35 is probably close to what it cost to fight WW #2.

    "Fighter pilots are as worthless as steam locomotive engineers, the best weapon today is a rocket out of Montana." - General LeMay

    1. You and my Ol' Man would get along just fine, The two. He was a career Northrop employee after the AF.


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