Friday, July 06, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Mick & the Boys...

She's so cold, she's so cold  
She was born in an arctic zone 
She's so cold, she's so cold, cold, cold 
And when I touch her my hand just froze
She's so cold, she's so goddamn cold 

She's so cold, cold, cold, she's so cold
Kinda-sorta reminds me of someone I useta know.  But we shan't go THERE... we'll just enjoy the tune, and the day... coz it's just beautiful outdoors.  It should go without sayin' but we'll say it, none the less: the very FIRST app I restored on my phone was Pandora, and we're relaxing with the Stones on this fine day.


  1. Cold hearts and my wastebasket07 July, 2012 03:58

    We have a woman in our office who has some sort of mental issue that is way beyond my basic psychology 101 training. Sadly, the boss likes her because she spends all her money on clothes, make-up, and push-up bras.

    She's on the phone almost every day badgering her teenage daughters (who seem to be the public school systems STD source). Every day she has to tell everyone about some new issue, and God she can have issues.

    I don't talk to her or acknowledge her, as she talks about everyone behind their backs. Last week she saw me emptying my waste basket into the big trash bin, and said "you know we have plastic bags that you can use!" I didn't say anything, as I know her medication was probably just wearing off.

    Last week her sister died in a car accident, as she was driving to the big family reunion. I thought to myself, God, she did it, she killed herself to get out of the reunion.

    1. Your last bit made me laugh out loud. Literally.

    2. That is so frickin' sick ...I love it.


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