Friday, May 04, 2012

It's NOT Funny



How 'bout them Kings?  So much for MY hockey prognostication skills... and those of about a third of the rest of the country, too.


  1. Yeah, it's a trifecta of bad Obama P.R. decisions...

    1. Making the climate change scam a central plank of the 2012 campaign
    2. That stupid F-word properly ridiculed here
    3. "Life of Julia"...'nuff said.

    Obama's people have done more to make me feel optimistic about this coming November, than any of His political opponents. And to think this guy was criticized back in '08 because "connecting with the audience" was supposed to be the only talent He had in life...not true at all...He doesn't have any such talent, if this is all He has to bring.

    1. Well, mebbe The One's decisions don't resonate with YOU, Morgan, but I'm willing to bet there are millions of clue-impaired Americans that will relate. Too bad those asshats are eligible to vote, and more bad that some will.

  2. Definitely not funny. It took $63 this morning to fill the gas tank of my Acura TL. I shudder to think of the cost to fill the Jeep later on this weekend. And that's just the price of gas; everything else is getting worse while P.BO goes on more fundraisers than the last 5 presidents ... combined.

    1. I filled up TGH yesterday and was shocked, too. But not QUITE as shocked as yourself, mainly coz I only have a ten gallon tank.


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