Friday, April 27, 2012

Winning the West

Let's hear it for the homers...

Two interesting things: NM and Florida were the only states with split outcomes; out of over 3,500 votes Florida went 38%-38% for the Blues and Preds, 15% for the Kings and 9% for the Feral Dogs.  There were only 40 votes in my hockey hotbed home when I voted and the state was gray.  I just looked at the map again... there are now all of 41 votes and the balance tipped to the Preds, turning NM gold.  Go figure, especially since I voted for the Blues.  The rest of the US?  Homers, everyone... except for those states without a dog in the hunt.  Also note that Feral Dog fans are pretty loyal, even when the rest of the world gives 'em the proverbial snowball's chance in The Hot Place.

I dunno how long this poll will be up, but you can take it here.  The poll is pretty interesting if'n you're a fan, in that you can vote on each semi-final series and who's gonna win the East, too.


  1. Huh. Well, I just went and tipped the scales somewhat in MA, so maybe we won't be grey the next time you look.

    (Blues, by the way.)

    1. I was wonderin' if anyone would catch the fact I missed Mass as gray...


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