Thursday, May 03, 2012

Your Hockey Update

I watched a lot o' hockey last night... but kinda-sorta missed out on the game I really wanted to watch, but did not.  Because of this (Mike Vaccaro, writing in the New York Post):
Now, into the Rangers’ pantheon of forever moments, we add another architect, we add another moment, we add this goal at 12:15 this morning after 114 minutes and 41 seconds of tortured, torturous, terrific hockey, a war of attrition you started to think might take us all the way to Saturday’s 12:30 p.m. face-off for Game 4.
The Rangers-Caps game started a full 30 minutes before the Preds faced off against those Feral Dogs, which was MY marquee game goin' into the evening.  Thangs change, as it's said.  I couldn't leave that Eastern game... it was just too exciting, too fast, too well-played.  The excitement and suspense continued to build all the way into the third overtime when not-so-suddenly it was over, and that's the finest sort of playoff hockey there is.  I'm sure a lot o' asses are draggin' in New Yawk today, but they're happy asses.  Not quite the same in Washington, methinks.

As for the Preds?  They won, and the game was essentially over in the first period.  I did watch piece parts of that game, going back and forth a bit, especially when the Rangers game went to the first and second intermissions, but I stayed with the Rangers-Caps once they went to OT... all of 'em.  That said, the Preds played a statement game last evening from what I saw.  Rinne is back on form, the Preds defense was stifling, and they scored just enough to win.  They're back in this series after the poorest of poor starts.

It remains to be seen if the Blues can do the same sort o' thang against those Kings.  I'm beginning to think they can't, and I'm also beginning to think the Western Conference Final is gonna be a Kings-Preds affair.  Tonight's game in El-Eh will be very revealing.  As I've often said: I have an immediate grasp of the obvious.  It's my best trait.

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