Sunday, February 12, 2012


They did it... Wings 4, Flyers 3.  So you can add the 2012 Wings to the '29-'30 Bruins and the '75-'76 Flyers as record holders for the most consecutive home wins.  The Wings will OWN the record if they beat the Stars this coming Tuesday.  We shall see.


In other news... I was channel surfin' after the game and hit on Ron White doin' his "You Can't Fix Stupid" routine, of which this is a piece part:

White is MY kinda guy, what with the cigars and scotch while doin' his routine.  Not included in the clip above is his bit about his scotch of choice... sumthin' to the effect that the scotch he drinks is the same stuff that people who shall die penniless drink.  I can relate to THAT, the point bein' that there's no sense in economizin' when you've got one foot in the grave.  Why NOT drink the best, eh?  You go, Ron.


  1. It's like the earlier comic, where the guy is at Saint Peters desk, and is bragging about not drinking or smoking, and Saint Peter says "Then what the hell *were* you doing!"

  2. For some reason, that guy bothers me.

  3. Definite congrats in order on the win streak. Since the B's co-own the record, I can't rightly root for your guys to break it. However, if they do, I'll take solace in your joy.

  4. Anon: Yup!

    Lou: Mr. White doesn't bother me at all... I think "d like to spend some quality time with him on the verandah.

    Jim: Understand and thanks. While I sure HOPE the Wing win tomorrow night, 21 consecutive wins at home is almost beyond imagination.


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