Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

Liz Story...

I dunno why it is but I almost always associate gray winter days with Liz Story's moody piano pieces.  Today is such a day... gray, overcast, cold... and we are trapped indoors.  So we dug a Liz Story cassette out of the archives and put it on the stereo to provide the soundtrack for today's beer and cigar extravaganza.  The music fits and it fits all TOO well, in a number of ways.  The cassette in question was recorded by The Second Mrs. Pennington at some point in the way-back, what with Ms. Story bein' a shared favorite of ours.  I noted with no small twinge TSMP's precise handwriting that recorded the track names on this cassette, "Wedding Rain" bein' one such.  It rained the night of our nuptials... rain that provided a memorable soundtrack to the first night we spent together as one in the eyes of God and man.

The things she left behind continue to haunt me.


  1. La voiture et Réjane13 February, 2012 00:19

    The first time I was ever going to get laid was interrupted by my mother.

    She knew something was going on inside the car, because all the windows were steamed-up.

    Being polite, she knocked on the window (aware her eyes might be damaged for life), and luckily we still had our clothes on, and I rolled down the rear window.

    I don't remember anything after that, but I do remember her kidding me about it for years.

    You have to understand, the girl was not good looking, but that really wasn't a priority until about age 19 or so.

    Jokes on me though, she is today about 200 times more beautiful than I am. Some kids just bloom into people you can never sit at the same table with again.

  2. voiture: That was an interesting story... thanks. You've got me wonderin' what my old teenage flames look like now. Hell, they're prolly dead.

  3. Voiture -- the irony.

    Buck -- sad that you are still haunted by memories, no?

  4. Yea, the dead part seems to be very active in my year group.

    You know your old when you sit around the card table and compare medicines, and the last time you had a movement...

  5. Music does that. And February.

  6. There's probably a social rule about this, but after my wife left me, but before we were divorced, I had a fling with a woman, who saw all the stuff in my living room that I had concerning the spouse (pictures, odds and ends, etc).

    She made a comment that struck me as truthful: that I need to cut the cord.

    That's what I did. I put all that stuff in a box, and UPS'd it to her, or threw stuff away. I cut the cord.

    I'm not much for living in the past though. Memories are like marsh-mellows. What I need is some ribs! Preferably with a nice ass...

    ...and I've never gone to a high school reunion or friended a facebook classmate either. Woof!


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