Sunday, February 12, 2012

Naming Conventions

Our favorite former Nasal Radiator (now flying The Israeli Lawn Dart in his new civilian contractor gig of adversary fighter pilot), on the subject of the USS Gabrielle Giffords:
I have only this to say about that: The Army should start naming tanks, and the Air Force tankers.

Take some of the load off, please.
Heh.  Nice try, Cap'n.  We occasionally name our aircraft... as a matter o' fact I think every single B-2 and C-17 have names painted on their fuselages.  But the suspect naming of naval vessels... like the USS John P. Murtha and the USS Cesar Chavez... is ALL on the Navy.  Or rather, the current Secretary of the Navy.  And some good people are tryin' to fix THAT.


  1. This ol' bubblehead would like to see that fixed. What's next after the Cesar Chavez? The USS Che?

  2. I really did laugh out loud when I went followed the Washington Times link and saw the title of the article--the USS Karl Marx. After reading the article and seeing some of the names the Obama administration has already used, I realized the article title is not much of an exaggeration. The whole thing almost made me sick at my stomach. Is there anything this gaggle of Obama fools won't do?

  3. I cannot believe they would name a ship after what's her name...just for taking a bullet to the head? I know lots of Marines and Soldiers who fill that slot and they aren't alive to break the bottle on the bow... Our country has really gone down hill...

  4. Buck/

    May have been the subj of discussion here before, but at one point sometime in the 80s (iirc) HQ 2ndAF (now 9th AF) Barksdale AFB, Shreveport tried allowing "nose art" on the Bongos to improve morale, but complaints by PC females/feministas quickly "neutered" the racier, "sexist" depictions of the female form and nomenclature. So much for morale, i.e., the usual approach of: "All leave will be canceled until morale improves." Typical. (Don't know the status of that little project today)

  5. There was a post over at the Mellow Jihadi on the Gifford, and everyone there had similar feelings.

  6. It is an abomination to do this. It dishonors the true heroes in this country - and to my mind the word hero and politican should rarely, if ever, appear in a sentence together.

  7. All: We're on the same page. I did read one comment at Lex's place where the guy took no issue with a ship bein' named for Giffords, but ONLY one. I really don't understand the Liberal Mind.

  8. I thought ships weren't supposed to be named for the living.

    And, I have it on pretty good authority that gutys in the Cav do have pet names for their valaint steel steeds.


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