Friday, February 03, 2012

A Few Flying Thangs That Aren't Aircraft (As We Know Them)

One wonders if NYC's traffic mishap rate went up during the filming.  Speakin' o' thangs that fly, this is pretty cool:

Even if they sound like mosquitoes from hell.

Both vids from the Guardian's weekly viral videos list, where you can also find a couple o' Sooper-Dooper Bowl ad previews.  Looks like a weak year for Madison Avenue if the previews are any indication.  YMMV, and prolly does.

And now it's time for a cigar and a couple o' beers out on the verandah.  The WX continues to be MOST un-winter-like, and you'll hear nary a complaint about that here.


  1. As to ol' man Winter...

    Partner, it is nearing record high right now.

    Gorgeous! Been that way for a couple of days.

    Of course, when I was a kid the old folks always said, "We need a good hard Winter to kill all the bugs and skeeters." And, the old folks were usually right about such things.

    But, for now...I'm lovin' it!

  2. Re: the wx 62 and clear w/more of the same over the weekends ...boring!

  3. A friend sent me that top video earlier this week. Pretty amazing. I liked the little insectcopters too.

    Weather here has been great till this morning. Rain.

  4. Andy: Your "old folks" were right. But it's flies, in our case. Our nights have been cold enough to keep the fly population down, and that's a good thang. But I'm with you: I LIKE these mild winters.

    Ivan: That sounds good, rather than boring, to me.

    Dan: Isn't it amazing how things make the rounds? And... I could live with some rain.

  5. I'm withnSndy's old folks. Turning on the AC in February is just ridiculous.

  6. Moogie, our AC ran yesterday...was "muggy" in the house.

    Forecast is for 37 tonight, though.

    Better put the ferns back in the garage.


  7. Flyin' things are just cool. I've been wanting to have a kite flying party out in the pasture.

  8. Moogie: There's been no AC here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.

    Lou: You could have a kite-flying party EVERY day around here.


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