Monday, February 27, 2012

Out Take

I mulled over this subject quite a bit while sittin' out on the verandah yesterday afternoon and wondered how I might could work it up into a blog post without making me look batshit crazy and/or small-minded and petty, or both.  Prolly both.  But we shall try.

First... I was greener than the Grinch beginning on Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and up to and including noonish yesterday.  Kelly Green.  Bright, frickin' florescent green.  As in jealousy.  Y'know how people use the term "insanely jealous?"  Well, that was me, with emphasis on the insanity part.  I mean, isn't it insane to be possessive and feel jealous over a woman who is just a casual acquaintance, at most?

But there I was.  My neighbor has a long distance relationship going ("I LIKE this one," she sez) and the friend lives in another state,  a five-hour drive from here.  So, he rolls in around 1700 hrs Friday afternoon and neither one o' them emerge from her apartment until sometime around 1300 hrs yesterday.  (Minor digression: the lil girl was off with Dad this weekend, so...)  I KNOW what was goin' on next door, what with the blinds drawn all weekend, the take-away bein' delivered, and all that.  I have many of those reunification tee shirts in my wardrobe, tattered and worn as they may be.  In my Air Force days we used to get a couple days off when we came back from a deployment and I remember not even bothering to get dressed during that post-deployment time on more than a few occasions.  Hell, it was pretty much the same when I returned from an extended bid'niz trip in civilian life, even though I was older and slower then.  So we KNOW, Gentle Reader... yes, we does.  And I ate my heart out, all weekend.

I discussed this situation with SN1 at some length Saturday evening during lulls in the hockey game, with the emphasis on me not understanding the hows and whys o' my feelings.  I was relieved to hear that SN1 had experienced the same sort o' feelings in the way-back and he had no explanation for why he felt that way, either... other than "sometimes it just bees that way."  (Short parenthetical aside: yeah, I DO talk about stuff like this with The Boys.  And I'm glad we can.)

The ending: I just happened to return to the verandah with a refilled coffee cup as they were leaving yesterday... she to work and he for home, one assumes... when the neighbor sees me, flashes a big-ass smile and waves enthusiastically as she pulls away.  I don't believe I've ever seen her happier.  But me?  Not so much, and I have NO idea why.

I suppose it's like Etta sez:
Can't control the feelin'
Coz after all, I didn't make myself


  1. Saturday evening during lulls in the hockey game

    I didn't notice any lulls in that game. Some lolz, maybe. No lulls. :)

    1. Your Avs were lucky to get outta there alive. It's like Babcock sez: we gotta start on-time. You won, true. But if if periods one and two wouldv've been like period three the outcome would've been WAAAAY different. I know: coulda, shoulda, woulda.

      Think you'll make the playoffs? ;-)

  2. And if the 3rd period would have been like the 1st and 2nd, well, ouch. We died out there in the second game of the back-to back. We're so good at hockey excuses, eh?

    If we keep playing the way we have been, and our goaltending stays good, I think we get in the playoffs. But it's gonna be tough because of how tight it is down around the 8th seed (like always). We did real good with a couple of trades so I like our chances. Keep winning, get some help, etc.

  3. I've not been following the trade deadline all that closely, but I DID see the Avs made another couple o' swaps. I think it's all about yer goaltending, myself, and you've been pretty good there. And stayin' healthy, of course. This year is about the tightest race I've seen in a long, long time where that eighth spot is concerned. Ducks, Avs, Kings, and Stars... all vying, all contenders. It'll be interesting.

  4. And it's Avs/Ducks tonight. Friggin' Stars tied the game with Vancouver in the waning seconds yesterday, then won it in the SO. I was friggin' PISSED.

  5. I was friggin' PISSED.

    Yup. A quick glance at the standings shows why. But I hear ya... I was pissed when the Canucks tied it in the waning seconds and went on to break our streak in the shootout. That's PISSED.

    I'll prolly watch your Avs tonight.

  6. I could say a lot on the "green" thang, but maybe not here. I think you need a romantic relationship in your life.

  7. Lou said what I was thinking. You've been on this self-imposed exile for a long time Buck; people need companionship at the very least.

  8. "Companionship?" Lets not go all wobbly on us at this late stage, Buck! See, I told you you should have stuck with the RV! All the better to remain in "splendid isolation" w.o the temptations of the flesh. Remember, you've got your "High Plains Drifter" rep to protect. Besides, isn't cabin fever what they invented internet poro for? :)

  9. I think you need a romantic relationship in your life.

    You mean other than with myself? ;-)

    ...people need companionship at the very least.

    HIGHLY overrated, that. Getting nekkid is what I need.

    Virgil: Poro? But I DO get yer drift. And it's the wimmen-folk what's wobbly, Virgil. Not us jealous old men, curmudgeons that we are.

  10. Buck, The Shake of Speare called it a green eyed monster that feeds on itself. But what did he know? Maybe this episode is a sign that your interest in the girl next door is deeper than you think. Damn, that sounded like Dear Abby. I'm shutting up. Except to say, go for it, and I do like to hear Etta.

    On the hockey front (from the top of the comment thread), there's this in Nashville:

    "Looking to land a top-six forward, the Predators acquired two: offense-minded Andrei Kostitsyn from Montreal and a defensive, checking-type center in Paul Gaustad from Buffalo."

    Whattaya think? Are these good adds?

  11. Whattaya think? Are these good adds?

    Absolutely. The Preds will be formidable in the playoffs this year.

    As for your other comments... didn't Willy The Shake also say "there's no fool like an old fool?" Or was that my Mom?


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