Monday, February 27, 2012

A Couple o' Follow-Ups

First... remember that "World's Largest Rope Swing" vid I posted about ten days back?  Well, here's the back-story, thanks to Occasional Reader CL, who saw the article in the Amarillo paper today and sent it on to me.  You have to read all the way to the end to get to the part that tickled me...
Some viewers questioned in the comment section what Baird’s parents would think of the daredevil act. Baird laughed.
“My mom actually jumped with us,” she said. “1:26 (into the video), that’s my mom. My mom’s kind of a badass, though.”
Yeah, I went back to the vid and looked.  Bad ass, indeed.


More tales o' great customer service...  Flash back to the tenth of this month, when I posted a couple o' cigar box pics So this past Friday I go to the mail box to retrieve about a week's worth o' mail and what do I find?  Two more boxes o' cigars.  We sent this lil missive off to Mr. Tim Blythe at shortly after we opened the box...
Hey Tim,

I received an unexpected shipment from y'all today, which was two more boxes of those Isla de Sols I ordered around the first of this month.  The invoice in the box is dated 02/08/2012 and read "replacement for scanning error;"  the invoice total was $0.00.  The shipment prolly came sometime last week but I am notoriously bad about checking my mail... unless I know something is coming.

Anyhoo.  I checked my credit card transaction history and only see one bill from y'all recently, in the amount of $99.90 (on 02/04/2012, IIRC).  I wanna keep these sticks coz (a) I like 'em and (b) they'll keep well in the humidor.  At the same time I don't wanna cheat ya out of a hundred bucks.  The bottom line is I owe ya a hundred bucks.

Best Regards,

Tim replied today with this:
Aw Thanks Buck!  I’ll just charge ya $75 and call it a day.  What’dya think?
Like I told Mr. Blythe:  I'll take it!  I most certainly love doin' bidniz with Tim.


  1. Tim seems to know how to please his customers - good on him.


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