Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aiiieee, Part II

I decided not to run errands yesterday as it was too damned cold to be out and about.  Well, "too damned cold" as applied to an ol geezer who has the R-factor of your average tin garden shed; cold weather and skinny people just don't do well together.  That said, I prolly should have done my shopping yesterday, coz here's the current view outta my front door:

And here's the forecast for the rest of today:

Monday looks good though, no?  We're not out o' any o' the important stuff anyhoo... there's plenty of beer in the fridge and the humidor is fat.  I did have to break out the emergency creamer for today's coffee... that powdered krep that is in NO way a substitute for half and half, which we're out of.  Sigh.  I guess we'll just have to suffer.


It should be an interesting night at The Joe tonight.  Some words about that from
DETROIT -- The purists have already spoken up.

They say that even if the
Detroit Red Wings beat the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday night at Joe Louis Arena for their 20th straight victory on home ice – tying the NHL record shared by the 1929-30 Boston Bruins and 1975-76 Flyers – it should come with an asterisk.

They argue that because neither of those old Bruins and Flyers teams had the advantage of winning games in overtime or shootouts, their home winning streaks are still more impressive and more "legit" than the current run the League-leading Red Wings are riding.

If that logic bothers the Wings, however, it's near-impossible to tell – not because they're so focused on joining the NHL's history book yet again, but because they seem so nonchalant about the whole ordeal.

Still, what his team is doing on home ice this season really is a big deal in terms of historical perspective.

Even if they lose on Sunday and fall one win short of tying the NHL record, what the Red Wings have accomplished to this point – simply stacking home wins and concentrating on the next one – is nothing short of amazing. Purists are correct that Detroit has had the advantage of winning games in overtime and shootouts, but their opponents have had the same opportunities to end it.
You KNOW I'll be there... front and center... tonight.  Well, front and center of the teevee, anyhoo.  



And then there's this... from The Freep:

Red Wings' Tomas Holmstrom receives a Ski-Doo Renegade snowmobile from the team to celebrate his 1000th game in the NHL at the end of practice at Joe Louis Arena on Saturday. / KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL/DFP
Tomas Holmstrom wasn’t sure what was going on at the end of practice today when the doors to the Zamboni entrance opened while the players were still on the ice. 

But suddenly, a loud noise was heard and Henrik Zetterberg rode in on a brand new snowmobile – complete with the number 96 on the side. 
“I couldn’t see what was going on,” Holmstrom said. “Turn around and there’s a snowmobile out there and then I started reading the sign. Nice. It’s mine.”
A sign on the front of the snowmobile let Holmstrom know the gift was for reaching 1,000 career games.
Pretty cool, eh?  Number 96 did all 1,000 of his games with the Wings and did all of 'em the hard way, too.  There ain't another guy in the NHL who's a more formidable presence in front of the net and who takes as much abuse... night after night, game after game... than Homer.  He's one o' my heroes.


  1. Holmstrom's Ski-Doo definitely looks cool. Speaking of cool, that pic of the still fabulous looking Green Hornet, looks downright frosty. The scene that is. It's been pretty chilly here too the last couple of days. BTW, I left a comment about your weather post yesterday that must've got eaten by blogger. Enjoy the game tonight. I watched the first half of the Vandy v. Kentucky (#1) basketball game last night but tuned it out because I had a bad feeling about what was about to happen and I didn't want to suffer through it. Ever done that?

  2. It IS chilly out there, Dan. Just standing in the doorway taking the pic was colder than I wanna be.

    ...but tuned it out because I had a bad feeling about what was about to happen and I didn't want to suffer through it. Ever done that?

    Lotsa times with ND football, especially lately. But never with the Wings.

  3. We had plans today to head to the shooting range after church; 20mph winds with air temps at 20 ... caused us to rethink that plan and stay indoors as well.

    Good call.

  4. Your hero looks happy on his new ski-doo. Congrats to him.

    We got the wood stove burnin' and brought in lots of logs for the evening. I'm curled in my recliner relaxing and all is quite at the Lazy B. Well, actually Toby is putting up some trim and hammering away, but it is good.

    vw: flysit? sounds like someone is confused.

  5. We have been the luckiest northern people in history, I think. Last year at this time, 75 inches had fallen for the season. The average snowfall is usually about 35, I believe. This Winter? 7 inches. We were supposed to get 3 to 6 this weekend past, but it skipped us almost completely, just a dusting in SOME parts of the state (and not ours.) I will be very happy if it remains at 7 for the whole season, thanks.

  6. Kris: Yeah, I'd have stayed home were I you, too.

    Lou: You make me wish I had a fireplace.

    Jim: It HAS been a mild winter. Like you, I'll take it.


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