Friday, February 10, 2012

In Today's Mail

Snail mail, that is.  Ain't these pretty?

That would be two boxes of Drew Estate Isla del Sols, one in the Churchill size and one in the robusto size... 40 cigars, all told.  You may notice these sticks arrived just in time, as our inventory was down to about four cigars.

I post these pics only to illustrate the beauty of the packaging, one of the reasons I so dearly love my cigar hobby.  Or addiction, you choose.  But you KNOW I could quit anytime I want, right?  S'true.

All that said, I dearly love this blend from Drew Estate.  Say what you will about infused (flavored) cigars... purists reject them, newbies love 'em, and some folks are ambivalent... but this particular blend simply cannot be beat as an after-dinner cigar, especially when accompanied by a couple o' fingers o' single malt.  It don't get much better than that.

We shall now adjourn to the verandah where we'll attempt an al fresco Happy Hour.  It's cooler today than it was yesterday by ten degrees but there is NO wind and the sun is shining brightly, which makes ALL the difference in the world.  I think we might could pull this off today.


  1. Your cigar and single malt posts sorely tempt me... but I'm fairly certain it's the ambiance I miss

  2. Those cigar boxes are beautiful.

    It turned downright cold here today.

  3. When I finally wanted to quit cigarettes back in 85, I bought some Swisher Sweets.

    Yep, I got off the tobac addiction fast with those cigars, ha!

  4. Skip: I kinda miss the ambiance, too. The only time I get to share a cigar lately is when SN1 is in town.

    Lou: The boxes are prettier in person. You're a day ahead of us where the cold is concerned... our highs today and tomorrow won't get out of the 30s. But it was nice Friday.

    Dan: I will!

    Anon: I smoked a few Swisher Sweets in my younger days. The thought makes me shudder today.


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