Friday, February 10, 2012

Blogger... shitting the bed.  Again.  I get this gotdamned error when tryin' to access the comment page on certain Blogger blogs... not ALL of 'em: some work and some don't... and it's drivin' me up the freakin' wall.

Is it just me, or are other people havin' this issue as well?


  1. It's driving me nuts too! I'm getting a similar message from IE,
    almost on everything I try to do on the old laptop. Sun spots,moon bats, who knows?

  2. Nope! Not having the issue. Then again, I haven't commented on blogger blogs since about 0830 today.

    BTW, I didn't have a problem clicking through to leave this one.

  3. Me, neither

    v-word= rugme
    Whoa! I'm savin'g that for somethin' special

  4. I was not around most of the day, so I had no problemas. But if I had, I would be cussin' too.

  5. I had problems here a couple of days ago, but it coulda been me. It sent me to the Blogger sign in page where I signed in. After that everything was copasetic.

  6. Mostly with Chrome. Chrome no longer works with Facebook either. The little chat thing goofs it up. I have to run IE on Facebook, and Chrome is getting less and less use everywhere, now that I'm seeing pages like yours.

    Fucking billionaires piss me off...

  7. Ed & Anon: This problem didn't crop up until I took my latest test drive/fling with Chrome. It's interesting you're having the same issue with IE, Ed... I run IE on my desktop and haven't had the problem. But then again, I do most o' my blog reading on my laptop... it's closer to the coffee pot.

    Lou, Andy & Ivan: Thanks for weighing in.

    Dan: I was signed in with Blogger when this has happened and it's happened a LOT over the last two days.

  8. Tried to post a comment over at Dan's the other day and it just DISAPPEARED.


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