Saturday, February 11, 2012

Larger Than Life

Alternate title: more cigar art.  Here are a couple o' few cigar bands from the last three or four days worth o' consumption.

The post title refers to the fact the bands are about twice normal size.  I kept the file purposely large so you can see the detail on the more elaborate bands... which is to say the Ave Maria and the Man O' War.  Some bands are pretty plain, while others are pretty danged elaborate.  All of the bands are made of embossed foil-on-paper with the exception of the La Herencia Cubana, which is plain paper.  The band at the very bottom is a footer... Isla del Sol sticks have two bands.  I think they're all beautiful, as well. 


  1. Buck, the details on the Ave Maria and Man O'War bands are something to behold. and the Morro Castle looks like embossed leather. I remember as a kid getting the bands from my Papa Mack's occasional cigars (probably King Edwards) and wearing them on my finger like a fine ring.

  2. Highly agree! It is a welcome trip back to the age of detail - as when even the largely hidden parts of door hinges were meticulously detailed and embossed during the Victorian age. Cost-effectiveness was not the ruler over aesthetics. A refreshing, pleasing draft ... like the cigar itself provides.

  3. Lovely cigar art -- thank you.

    The Ave Maria is BEAUTIFUL. A knight in shining armor -- did you feel princely smoking this one?

    This begs the question of how the Ruination smokes?

  4. ...wearing them on my finger like a fine ring.

    I STILL do that, Dan. Occasionally.

    A refreshing, pleasing draft ... like the cigar itself provides.

    SO true, Lin. I'm glad ya liked this.

    Red: Given the price of Ave Marias one cannot HELP but feel princely smokin' one... those thangs aren't everyday cigars. I like the Ruination; it's what one would call a full-bodied smoke.

  5. That's some funny kaka there: i.e., Ave Maria cigars "Hail Mary Cigars"...

    It's like the thrown basketball at the buzzer cigar :-)

  6. They're both winners, too.

  7. I do love the cigar band art. Somewhere there is someone sitting in an art studio coming up with these things. Very impressive. There should be a museum dedicated to cigar art.

  8. Don't forget the lost world of orange-crate art. In the late 40s, and 50s my Aunt Elsie, who lived in Dinuba, CA in the central valley used to come home for the summer to spend time with her parents in my hometown in Ill. She would travel via the Union Pacific RR on the Santa Fe Super Chief to Chicago, then downstate via the old ICRR on the City of New Orleans or the milk-run La Louisianne. Would always bring home a couple of crates of oranges with the exotic art-work labels--should have saved them all if I'd only known--some are unavailable except as museum pieces now..


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