Thursday, February 09, 2012

Broadening Our Horizons XLI

We liked that Black Butte Porter from Deschutes Brewery so much we decided to try another one of their brews in addition to restocking the fridge with more of their Porter.  So today it's...

The Alström Bros really like the product from Deschutes.  They rated the Porter "World Class" and give the same rating to the Mirror Pond Pale Ale.  An excerpt from the review:
Taste: Smooth with a medium body, semi crisp malt(a bit bready) of sweetness and grain are the forefront. Then quickly comes a flare of fruit and ester that goes hand and hand with the very flavourful cascade slightly pungent hop bitterness and flavour ... the hop flavour has a sweet citric taste. A fair amount of residual sugars are left in the aftertaste and slowly let way for a drying finish of grain and hop oil.

Notes: A great pale a to be had here, any hop head would be pleased and if you love cascade hops this is your ale! This makes for a great lunch time brew.
This beer is pretty hoppy.  I'm not THAT into hops so it ain't really my cuppa.  It is pleasant and it won't last long in our fridge, that's fer shure.  But neither will it be at the top o' my list for future purchase, either.

Today's cigar is a Man O' War Ruination.  The beer and the cigar are damned near a perfect fit.


  1. Toby thinks this may be a beer for him. Of course, he plied me with pinot grigio at supper after working me hard on trim this afternoon. I could barely sit up through dinner - classless, but easy.

  2. Man O'War. Now there's a name for a cigar.

  3. Lou: Mirror Pond would be perfect if ya like a lot o' hops.

    Dan: Yeah... I LOVE that name!


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