Sunday, January 29, 2012

Broadening Our Horizons XL

Not extra large...

But the fortieth edition of BOH is extra good.  Today's Happy Hour began sometime around 1300 hrs and is still goin' on as we speak, for it is the MOST magnificent day here on The High Plains o' New Mexico.  And we should be drinkin' a most magnificent beer now, shouldn't we?   The Bros REALLY like this beer, and I gotta admit I do, too.  From their (world class) review:
Taste: Silky smooth with a nice medium bodied mouth feel. After the luscious mouth feel come the flavour which is quite malty ... light acidic twang from the roasted malts, a little dark roasted coffee flavour and an underlying toasted biscuit taste are balanced with a perfect combo of hop and roasted malt bitterness. The lingering after taste is of faded burnt sugar, drying grain and a slightly warming alcohol. A wonderful yet delicate hop character helps to round this brew also.

Notes: Oh baby! There are good porters and then there are great porters ... this one goes down as a great one, no doubt!
Yeah.  What he said.  And now it's back out on the verandah to continue as we've begun.  It's a three-cigar sorta day, and a three (or more) beer day, too.

Life is good.


  1. It's cold here and I'm tired of winter. Glad your living is good & easy today -- enjoy every minute on that verandah! Wish I was with you.

  2. Toby bought some Abita beer from Louisiana. It is good stuff, Maynard.ights

  3. I think I wrote my vw in my comment.

  4. Your first Black Butte Porter. Good for you, sir. I'm not even a porter fan and I love that stuff. Bein' just a little upriver* from the Deschutes brewery, their beer is very easy to come by around here.

    *Bit of an exaggeration. The Deschutes doesn't flow anywhere near here. But it sounded right to say it.

  5. Red: Sorry to hear about your WX, but I tried to make up for your pain by having a fourth beer yesterday.

    Lou: I like Abita... a LOT. Turbodog is one of my new "standards" now, meaning there are always a few in the fridge.

    Andy: I'm not a great Porter fan either, but this Black Butte is some fine beer. Apropos o' nuthin'... I got it out at the base, where I continue to be impressed with their ever-expanding selection of beer. It's been steadily improving over the years and is pretty damned good now. It ain't a major metro area beer store by any means, but what is?

  6. I am still very much loving that Rocket J. Squirrel mug.


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