Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today's Happy Hour Soundtrack

We were in a country sorta mood, so here are two songs from Mile Marker 383...

Telephone Road is ten miles long
Fifty car lots and a hundred honky-tonks
Jukebox blastin' and the beer bottles ring
Jimmy banging on a pinball machine 

Come on come on come on let's go
This ain't Louisiana
Your Mama won't know
Come on come on come on let's go
Everybody's rockin' out on Telephone Road 

I got sixteen days
one for every time I've gone away
one for every time I should have stayed
you should have worn my wedding ring
I got sixteen days
fifteen of those are nights
can't sleep when the bed sheet fights
its way back to your side

the ghost has got me running

the ghost has got me running
away from you, away from you, away from you.
I've got both of these tee shirts... bein' as how I spent a couple o' few weeks in Houston in the way-back and then there's that "16 Days" thang, about which: yeah.  Several times.

We had such a brilliant day here on The High Plains o' New Mexico today, a rare day in which I could open all the windows AND the door without the fear of bein' invaded by 1,267 flies, and that's because the cold winter nights have killed off all those pesky critters.  Which also allowed me to listen to my own record collection, which was a Great Good Thang.  I mean... Pandora is great and I love it to death, but there are times when ya wanna hear exactly what ya wanna hear.  No?


  1. Telephone road is now more cantina than honky tonk althogh I have had a few pops at Rosie's back in the day. It still exists if I am not mistaken. IT has changed a lot in the last few years.

  2. We used to rock out (hillbilly rock) to Guitar Town while working in our cafe. I can't listen to Steve Earle without wanting to make enchiladas. Fun times.

  3. BC: Do ya mean "cantina" in the upscale sense or Hispanic sense?

    Lou: I came to Earle later in life (read as: my "on the road" days in Tejas) and listening to him just makes me wanna drink beer.


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