Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slow Day

Slow, but beautiful:

I really, rilly enjoy all y'all's company but the Great Outdoors is calling and I see an extended Happy Hour in my future.  Right after I mail off that Thank-You card to al-Gore.


  1. Don't you just LOVE those 40 degree swings in a day!

    I know I don't. But, I'm also lovin' similar temps to yours...I mean, the ones on the high side.

    We ain't finished with the Harsh Old Man yet, though. I know better.

  2. Winter's other attributes, besides the chill, finally found us. It's been raining steadily since sometime during the night and the temp's not been above 40 since early yesterday afternoon. Until today we've had a little over 6 inches of rain since July 1.

  3. Yep, I'm likin' the mild winter, but I hate to say anything - knowing that it could come a blizzard next week.

    wv: apslate - where you put your apps and them wipe them clean.

  4. Andy: I like those days when they're on the UP-swing. Down? Not so much. More of the same today... huzzah!

    Skip: We haven't seen rain for a while, but that's kinda normal for us.

    Lou: Yeah, I hear ya about temptin' the weather gods. I also remember last year's BRUTAL spell o' sub-zero WX that hung on for DAYS. No mas, por favor.


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