Friday, January 20, 2012

Wherein I Play the Proud Grandpa

Grandson Sean in his first public performance... at his high school's talent show:

As captioned by SN1 on The Tube O' You:
Jack, Caitlyn and Sean play Norwegian Wood...Starts out kinda rough, but gets better after they start singing. Focus is restored quickly. First video...let me know what you think!
Sean is sitting, on guitar and vocals.  The performance took place on the evening of 1/19/2012.


  1. Electricity is Overrated19 January, 2012 23:02

    They need a roadie!

  2. I think that people who don't play instruments, miss out on, is how much fun it is to jam with your friends. I can tell these guys like hanging around together. Harrison used a Sitar, but this sounds just as good to me.

    It's only after you make your first million and all the groupies become a bore, that you wish you became a Pharmacist :-)

  3. Ya know, Sean may be darker and heavier, but the hairstyle and glasses remind me lots of his grandpa at that age. He is good and this was lots of fun. You should be the proud grandpa.

    I need to post the video of our talent show on Christmas Eve - very similar.

  4. That was cool, Buck. I grinned all the way through. Man, I remember those stuff to be with other kids doing stuff you like (and are good at in the case of these kids, btw).

    I chuckled at "Play Stairway!"

    Thanks for posting this. Good way to start my morning.

  5. Cool, Buck. Always loved that song and I’m not a big Beatles fan.

    Blonde chick really does a great job of dispelling those blonde stereotypes. WTF, Honey?

  6. Lots of fun, reminds me very much of some of my own escapades on stage during hi skule. They're all pretty damn talented.

    Disclaimer: I am, and always have been, an absolute sucker for female bass players. I guess that's just my own bass player genes talkin'.

  7. Pretty talented group. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I.B.: I can understand the appeal of hangin' and playin' with other folks but I've never done that... as I'm not musically-inclined in the LEAST.

    Lou: I see traces of me in Sean, but more in attitude and outlook than physical appearance. He'd better be careful.

    Andy: Thank ya, Sir. I'm pretty sure the "Stairway" thang was SN1. If I'd have been there it woulda been "WHIPPING POST!" ;-)

    Small-Tee: Heh.

    Jim: I have a thang for female musicians, period. Especially chirps.

    Deb: Thank ya, Ma'am.

  9. Sean really kept his cool. Sweet.

  10. I thought the blond was a guy...

    I'm sooo confused... sob...

  11. Buck, I was pretty sure it MUST have been SN1. But, even though I don't see a resemblance physically between you two (in pitchers), I would have sworn it was YOUR voice I heard clamoring for "Stairway."

    I've heard your voice on your "cheesy videos," and seriously...sounded just like you at that moment.

    "Whippin' Post!", it's been a looooooooong time since I thought about that one. Was a mere kid...

    As a last note on this comment, Anon at 3:33 pm is not confused. He's just friggin' blind!!!

  12. Red: Thank ya, Ma'am.

    Anon: What Andy said. ;-)

    Andy: In re: Whippin' Post. At EVERY concert in the '70s. I even yelled it... at folkie concerts and stuff.


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