Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thanks, Wales... Ya Twit

OK, my consciousness has been raised, but no more than it already was.  SOPA is dead (well, tabled) and PIPA should be, soon.  This is one place where I agree with Obama: neither bill, in their current forms, adequately address the issue of copyright infringement and both pose disastrous potential consequences for the inter-tubes as a whole.  Hollywood and a moribund music industry are doin' their worst to kill a vibrant internet.  Fuck 'em.

Still, a day without The Wiki is pretty damned painful.  I've already missed it three times and the day's barely begun.


  1. But did you SIGN THE PETITION, Buck?
    GOT to do that! AND, fwiw, everyone who visits here should as well..

    wv: frebiolo LOL! "Free Bird," indeed!

  2. Yeah, I did. Tweeted and Plussed it, too.

  3. Ha! At least you didn't say SOPA was sunk.
    Acronyms mean different things to different folks. As a former member of the deepwater Navy it stands for Senior Officer Present Afloat (most often an admiral or senior captain).

  4. I went to wiki several times today knowing yet forgetting their "awareness" day. I was looking up Kris Kristofferson and his military background - interesting.

  5. Sans Armadillo's19 January, 2012 00:16

    I think self-righteous political behavior should be rewarded with my avoiding these assholes for life.

    Next they will shut it down to save the Armadillo from Semi-Trucks or something...

  6. I preferred Googlr's method -- black out the logo and keep the functionality afloat.

  7. Skip: Yeah, different meanings abound. I learned that in the IT bid'niz, where everyone speaks in acronyms, all the time. It's worse than the military.

    Lou: Yeah, I knew, too yet still went. I had multiple "Duh" moments yesterday.

    Sans: It's hard to quit The Wiki.

    Moogie: Me, too. The point was made but ya still got what ya came for.


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