Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hey, Norman!

Why not?  It's only an 11 hour drive; if I leave NOW...

Speaking of... last night's win in Dallas puts the Beloved Wings at the top of the Western Conference by a single point and just one point behind Noo Yawk for the league lead.


"Dee-troit, Dee-troit... gotta helluva hockey team*..."

*Paul Simon's original not available on The Tube O' You.


  1. But my Hawks are better Road Warriors s far, Buck. That factor could clip your beloved team's wings in the long-run. :)

  2. The Hawks are a .500 team on the road, not all THAT much better than the Wings. And we've beaten yore ass twice in a row now, including once in YOUR barn. ;-)

  3. Looks like the Sharks have some catching up to do, gamewise that is. Their road record doesn't look too shabby. Now if they could only beat the Ducks

  4. Four games in hand on El-Eh and two or three on your other division opponents is a GOOD thang, Skip.


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